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          Triethylenetetramine (TETA)

          Triethylenetetramine (TETA)

          CAS number: 112-24-3
          Molecular weight: 146.2
          Molecular structural formula:

          Main performance


          Light yellow transparent liquid

          Viscosity (25℃,mPa.s)


          Water solubility


          Active hydrogen equivalent (g/eq)


          Density (water=1, g/mm 3 )



          It belongs to aliphatic amines. It is a medium-viscosity, slightly yellow transparent liquid at room temperature. It has a pungent ammonia odor, low volatility, and is corrosive to strong alkalis. It is flammable when exposed to high temperatures or open flames. After being in contact with air or subjected to high temperature, it is easy to oxidize and the color will deepen, and the water and carbon dioxide in the air can be collected when placed open. In addition to being used as a high boiling point solvent, it is often used in the preparation of epoxy curing agents, but also in the production of solvents, complexing agents, polyamide resins and ionic resins.


          Application range:
          ■ Epoxy resin curing agent, can cure epoxy resin at room temperature, and can also be used to produce modified curing agent, polyamide curing agent, etc.;
          ■ Used as solvent and organic intermediate, used to prepare gas purifier, Lubricant additives, emulsifiers, surfactants, fabric finishing agents,

          Ion exchange resins, metal chelating agents, brighteners, polyamide resins, etc.; can also be used for metal chelating agents, complexing agents, alkaline gas removal

          Water agent, sulfur rubber vulcanizing agent, electroplating diffusion agent, etc.


          Packing: 200kg/barrel

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